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These are exciting times for us. We are loving what God is doing with the company. We have been dressing the worship and dance ministries now for almost 20 years. The first call to duty from God involving the garments, was to cover His dancers appropriately and quickly. He showed me what to do. From the selection of the fabric down to the style. I promise I did not choose them. I was making cocktail and evening wear, bead work and glitzy fancy fabrics. That was my passion, then He called me forth to create garments for His worshippers. Foundations that were clean cut, covering, flowing, feminine, and fit for all sizes. These garments are what has made Ladie Di CSW into the company it is today. These garments today continue to grace many Sanctuaries and prayerfully for many more years to come as we set the standard for traditions. We thank you for the support and belief in our products.

LADIE DI:PHAZE 2 has been successfully put in place.  We take orders on these garments via  our FB page and  from conferences. PHAZE 2 is a lot more GLITZY and VIBRANT. These garments were inspired from 1Chronicles 29:11 when David informed the whole assembly that his Son Solomon who God had chosen was taking over as King. In his announcement, King David gave glaring descriptions of who God was to him. Those descriptions characterized colors to my mind, therefore God revealing garments to me depiciting the colors. AWESOME......


Now we are preparing to introduce LYDIA'S GARMENTS....STAY TUNED.

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